The World Of Wearable Technology

As the worlds of technology and fashion continue their happy marriage, they are producing some pretty cute kids.  We’re used to seeing 3D printed frocks grace the runways, but designers and developers are taking the mashup and producing some incredible fashion forward pieces we are loving right now.

Wearable technology is here and shows no signs of becoming obsolete.  Although early innovations have not quite caught on, (think Google glasses), once we got a glimpse of the possibilities, we couldn’t stop.  As designers are rushing product to market that helps us stay connected and protected, we’re finding new and innovative fashion statements that are leading with their sensors and chips.

The smart watch is one example of an accessory that seems to have legs because its functionality is useful and reliable.  But on the horizon are even more clothes that can interact with our smart devises in clever and useful ways.  There are pants that can charge your phone when you put it into the pocket.  So now when you ‘butt dial” a friend, the phone will recharge the energy spent.

Ralph Lauren has a shirt that made wearable tech a household word.  The tee is made using ultra thin silver wires for compression and reading the wearers biometrics.  Sensors detect heart rate, counts steps, calories burned and monitors your breathing and stress level.  This information is then displayed on a customized app that can be used to make thousands of personalized workout combinations.

And Google is reportedly hard at work to produce a fabric that can be used to make clothing that will turn classic styles into tech innovations that will mimic the features of a smart watch.  Wearers will be able to send text messages or silence a cell phone with a tap or swipe.

As design for solar panels become thinner and more flexible, you can expect to find them used to create a line of clothing such as the parkas and jackets Tommy Hilfiger introduced to great acclaim.

However, acclaim and practicality are two different things.  We love the haute couture on the runways seen during fashion week, but how much of it is practical for everyday wear.

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