The Benefits of Employing Qwest QI Integrated  Access

The Benefits of Employing Qwest QI Integrated Access

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has to turn into an important element to operating a prosperous organization, so much to ensure that selecting to not employ VoIP services has primarily turn out to be taboo inside the corporate world. The increase in VoIP popularity has brought with it a massive wave of providers that offer varying solutions in terms of choices in VoIP solutions. A variety of VoIP providers provide complicated interactive voice response (IVR) suites to choose from and make use of the full breadth of the business’ network, though other individuals use neighborhood line infrastructures. Nowadays I’m going to talk (or rather, kind) about Qwest’s iQ Integrated Access.

Qwest iQ Integrated Access combines information and voice over a T1 circuit with no requiring you to replace your current telephone gear, making the transition from conventional telephone service to VoIP basic and price-efficient. Qwest iQ Integrated Access is best for each single and multi-location corporations to access the web, transfer data, and conduct two-way calls via IP in real-time. Besides, Qwest’s iQ Integrated Access permits calls amongst your enterprise partners and places that are also on the Qwest VoIP network for no added expense.


Enhanced effectiveness – information and voice wants are bundled into 1 for uncomplicated management Cost savings – lessen all-round costs by leveraging your existing investments in crucial method and private branch exchange (PBX) gear to combine each information and voice on a single circuit. Qwest iQ Integrated Access also enables calls between areas on the Quest VoIP network at no more fee A straightforward answer – Qwest iQ Integrated Access gives data, regional, extended distance and international voice from a single provider


Unlimited on-net and regional calls Selectable voice mail capabilities Termination to present essential method or PBX equipment The ability to consolidate various varieties of website traffic over a single circuit Client portal for managing adjustments for your hunt-group feature Dynamically allocated bandwidth amid information and voice channels in real-time Information speeds ranging from 1.5 Mb per second to 3.0 Mb per second supported As quite a few as 46 voice lines are accessible without the need of compression for each T-1 circuit Feature configurations are customizable to meet your distinctive daily requirements

How It Functions

Qwest iQ Integrated Access is an IP-based answer that incorporates each local and extended distance calling with World wide web access on 1 circuit. Working with VoIP technology, Qwest iQ Integrated Access offers real-time dynamically allocated bandwidth involving data and voice. The top element is, when your business’s phones aren’t in use, you acquire the advantage of employing your complete circuit for Web access.

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